4.4.11 Memory sideband information

Instances can provide sideband information for addresses in a memory space, see memory_getSidebandInfo(). GUIs can display this information in a tooltip when the user hovers over a memory cell, for example.

The set of sideband information that is supported depends on the instance and the memory space.

Table 4-6 Sideband info fields

Member Type Description
regionStart NumberU64 The sideband information in this Object is valid for all addresses in the range regionStart to regionEnd, if they are present. However, there is no claim that this region is maximized, in other words, that it could not be further extended. Therefore, the model can return the page limits of a virtual page without looking at adjacent pages. If regionStart or regionEnd are missing, the sideband information is only valid for the requested address. The requested address is in the range regionStart to regionEnd.
regionEnd NumberU64 End of the region for which the sideband information is valid. See regionStart.
physicalAddress NumberU64 Physical address corresponding to the requested address.
ipa NumberU64 Intermediate physical address corresponding to the requested address.
noExecute Boolean If True, the requested address cannot be used to execute code.
ext_<Info> Value Components can put arbitrary information here using the ext_ prefix. Aspects that are supported consistently across multiple components can be added to this table in the future, without the ext_ prefix.
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