4.19.6 Setting instantiation parameter values

Pre-instantiation clients can call simulation_setInstantiationParameterValues() to initialize all init-time and runtime parameters of all instances during the instantiation of the simulation.

This function modifies a state that exists before the simulation is instantiated, it does not instantiate the simulation. It can be called multiple times. Each invocation can set all of the instantiation parameters, or a subset of them. Each invocation can overwrite parameter values that were set with previous invocations of simulation_setInstantiationParameterValues().

Calling this function is optional. Any parameters that this function does not set keep their default values, which are used to instantiate the system.

An implementation can defer any errors, for example E_unknown_parameter_name or E_type_mismatch, until instantiation. These deferred errors are then returned by simulation_instantiate().

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