1.6 IrisSupportLib changelog

This topic lists changes to the IrisSupportLib implementation.

Table 1-2 IrisSupportLib changelog

Date Description


  • Properly initialized all optional members in objects returned though an output reference in Iris C++ functions, for example ResourceReadResult.error in resource_read().

  • Made TableColumnInfo.rwMode optional. Clients can now receive an empty string, which means rw.

  • Made Table.info.indexFormatHint optional. Clients can now receive an empty string, which means hex.


Cleaned up building parameter resources:

  • Replaced addResource().setParameterInfo() with addParameter() in IrisInstanceBuilder. Same for string parameters.

  • Removed functions addResource(), addStringResource(), and addNoValueResource().

  • Each resource is either a register or a parameter and should be added using addRegister() or addParameter(), respectively.

2019-04-11 Removed defaults for register.canonicalRnScheme and memory.canonicalMsnScheme. Instance implementations now need to set these explicitly.
2019-04-15 Added support for canonical register number scheme ElfDwarf. In particular added include/iris/detail/IrisElfDwarf.h, include/iris/IrisElfDwarfArm.h, and IrisInstanceBuilder::RegisterBuilder::setCanonicalRnElfDwarf().
2019-04-16 Child registers no longer implicitly inherit canonicalRn and addressOffset from their parents.
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