3.9.1 Recognizing a session as JSON-RPC HTTP

The IrisTcpServer recognizes an HTTP session by receiving a POST request line, instead of a CONNECT request line for IrisRpc. Clients do not have to do anything special.

  • The IrisTcpServer only supports POST calls:

    • Content-Type: must be application/json-rpc.

    • Content-Length: must contain the correct length according to the HTTP specification.

    • Accept: must be application/json-rpc.

  • The server responds to GET and PUT with 405 Method Not Allowed.

  • The URL for POST is /. The URL is neither used to identify functionality nor to identify a specific target in the simulation, nor to pass parameters. Everything is specified inside the JSON-RPC message. The HTTP wrapper contains no semantic information.

The server reads header fields that only relate to establishing the connection for the first message, and ignores them for any subsequent messages.

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