5.21.6 Simulation instantiation and discovery objects

Describes the following objects:


InstantiationError members:


Type: String

Error or warning code as a string symbol. This is one of the following:

License checking errors and warnings:

  • "error_license_found_but_expired".
  • "error_license_not_found".
  • "error_license_count_exceeded".
  • "error_cannot_contact_license_server".
  • "warning_license_will_expire_soon".
  • "error_general_license_error": For other license-related errors.

Parameter-related errors:

  • "error_parameter_type_mismatch": Specified a String value for a non-String parameter or vice versa.
  • "error_parameter_value_invalid": The value for a parameter is invalid.
  • "error_unknown_parameter": Parameter name is unknown.
  • "error_general_parameter_error": For other parameter-related errors.

General errors or warnings:

  • "error_general_error": For all other errors.
  • "error_general_warning": For all other warnings.

Type: String

Free-format error or warning message, potentially multiple lines long. This must repeat the error or warning reason given in code.


Type: String

Optional. Name of the offending parameter for parameter-related errors. Mandatory for parameter-related errors. Must not be present for other errors or warnings.


Type: String

Severity of the error or warning. This is one of the following:

This is an error. The simulation was not instantiated because of this error (but potentially also because of other errors).
This is a warning. Warnings do not prevent the simulation from being instantiated but they might provide useful information to the user about potential problems.


InstantiationParameterValue members:


Type: String

Hierarchical name of the parameter to set. This is the same as the ResourceInfo.name value returned by simulation_getInstantiationParameterInfo() or plugin_getInstantiationParameterInfo().


Type: Value

Value of the parameter. Type is either a String for string parameters, or NumberU64[] for numeric parameters.


InstantiationResult members:


Type: InstantiationError[]

List of errors and warnings that occurred during instantiation. See InstantiationError.


Type: Boolean

If True, the simulation was instantiated successfully. In this case, errors is either empty or only contains warnings. If False, the simulation was not instantiated. In this case, errors contains at least one error.


SimulationTimeObject members:


Type: NumberU64

Current simulation time in ticks. One tick is 1/tickHz seconds long. The elapsed simulation time is ticks/tickHz seconds.


Type: NumberU64

Time resolution of the ticks value in Hz. For example, 1000 means that 1 tick = 1 ms.


Type: Boolean

Iff True, the simulation time is running, else it is stopped. Note that this information can already be outdated when the caller receives the response. When multiple simulation controllers start and stop the simulation, for example when multiple debuggers are connected, there is no way to reliably know whether the simulation is currently running or stopped. In this case, this is just a hint.

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