5.19 Simulation accuracy (sync levels) API

Some target instances support adjusting the trade-off between simulation speed and accuracy, by using a synchronization level or sync level.

The syncLevel_request() and syncLevel_release() functions request and release a minimum sync level. Calling syncLevel_request(N) ensures that the effective sync level is at least N. syncLevel_release(N) must be called for every call to syncLevel_request(N) when the requested sync level is no longer required. This might cause the sync level to decrease, and therefore increase the simulation speed, depending on the sync levels requested by other users.

Requesting and releasing a sync level of zero is valid but has no effect. The sync level of a particular target instance is a shared resource. It is not possible to set a specific sync level, except the highest one, because another client might be using a higher sync level.

Target instances that do not support requesting sync levels must return E_function_not_supported_by_instance for the syncLevel_*() functions.

This section contains the following subsections:
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