1.3 Terms and abbreviations

This table defines some terms and abbreviations that are commonly used in the Iris documentation, or have a meaning that is Iris-specific:

Term Description
iff Short for if and only if.
IPC Inter-Process Communication, either on the same host, for example TCP or pipes, or on different hosts, for example TCP.
DSO Dynamic Shared Object (*.so) or DLL.
JSON JavaScript Object Notation. A compact textual representation of data.
JSON RPC Remote Procedure Call protocol using JSON.
U64JSON Binary JSON variant that is based on arrays of 64-bit values. It is defined in 3.5 U64JSON.
Component A piece of software with well-defined abstract interfaces that represents a piece of hardware or other functionality.
Target Sometimes used as a synonym for component or instance but generally avoided in this document.
Instance An entity that provides functionality to other instances, or uses functionality that is provided by other instances, or both. For example, components, debuggers, clients, and plug-ins are all instances.
Event Any event that is produced by an instance. This might be a trace event, for example INST for each executed instruction, a simulation event, for example IRIS_BREAKPOINT_HIT, or any other kind of event. Clients can observe events upon request.
Iris An interface for debug and trace. Not an abbreviation or acronym.
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