5.21.2 Instantiating a new simulation, in-process

A client that does not yet have an instantiated simulation to communicate with is called a pre-instantiation client.

Examples of pre-instantiation clients:

  • main() function of a standalone, non-SystemC, simulator executable.
  • DSO entry point of a standalone, non-SystemC, simulator DSO.

Instantiating a new simulation follows this sequence:

  1. Optionally get instantiation parameter meta-information, for example name, type, and description, from the simulator.
  2. Optionally get instantiation parameter values from the user.
  3. Optionally set instantiation parameter values.
  4. Instantiate a simulation with instantiation parameter values.
  5. Use Iris to inspect and manipulate the simulation and the instances in it.
  6. Optionally request simulation shutdown.
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