5.6.4 Resource names

Parameter names must be unique within an instance. This means that clients can ignore the group name of a parameter. Clients must handle non-unique parameter names gracefully, for example by only using the first of the conflicting parameter names in the list returned by resources_getList().

Register names of top-level registers, in other words registers without a parent, must be unique within a register group of an instance. Register names of child registers must be unique within their parent. Clients must handle violations of these rules gracefully.

Resource names (ResourceInfo.name) must only consist of printable ASCII characters, in the range 0x20-0x7e. They can contain spaces, dots, and characters that are usually used as separators. ResourceInfo.cname must be a valid C identifier, that is, it must start with a letter or underscore and must consist of letters, digits, and underscores.

Resource group names must not conflict with resource names.

In scripts and other non-GUI contexts, it is often necessary to uniquely specify a resource. To do this, clients should ensure the following:

For example, to access a child register C in register MMU Status-Flags in register group Control 0.0.1, a script can use either of the following names:

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