5.10.5 Image loading and saving objects

Describes the following objects:


ImageMetaInfo members:


Type: NumberU64

Instance id of the instance that called the image_load*() function. In other words, the client that triggered loading the image. This id can be used by clients to determine whether an image was loaded by this client or by other clients.


Type: Boolean

Iff True the file was loaded by the target instance (using image_loadFile()), else it was loaded by a client (using image_loadData()). Note that different clients can run on separate hosts (separate from the target instance and separate from each other), seeing different filesystems, so it is not guaranteed that every client can see all files marked with instanceSideFile=False.


Type: String

Path passed to the image_load*() functions. Clients must only use this for informational purposes or for coarse loading heuristics, for example automatically loading debug information from the image when possible, as clients cannot be sure to have access to the file when running on a different host to the simulation.


Type: NumberU64

Optional. Base address of loaded data in memory. Only present if the image was loaded with a rawAddr argument.


Type: NumberU64

Optional. Only present iff rawAddr is present. This is the id of the memory space that rawAddr belongs to.


ImageReadResult members:


Type: NumberU64[]

Data bytes returned by the read operation. The bytes are stored in little-endian format in the NumberU64 values of the array. The last element might contain [1-8] valid bytes. Unused bytes must be 0. The length of the array is always floor((size+7)/8).


Type: NumberU64

Size of the data read in bytes. size is always less than or equal to the size argument in the image_loadDataRead() request. If it is equal to size in image_loadDataRead() then there might be more bytes to read. If it is less than size in image_loadDataRead() (and potentially 0) then end-of-file was encountered. In this case the caller of image_loadDataRead() must call image_loadDataRead(end=true, size=0) once and then stop calling image_loadDataRead() with this tag.

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