5.7.8 Reading and writing memory

The semantics of reading memory are peek rather than bus read. The semantics of writing memory are poke rather than bus write.

When reading, data is transferred in the data member of the MemoryReadResult object returned by memory_read() and when writing, data is transferred in the data argument of the memory_write() function. Both data fields use the same format to encode the data being transferred, see the documentation of memory_write() or MemoryReadResult.


These examples show how various byteWidth elements are packed into NumberU64 elements.

All these examples are correct for big-endian and little-endian target memory and for big-endian and little-endian host memory. The representation is independent of the target or host endianness.

Reading 8 bytes with values 0x11, 0x22, 0x33, 0x44, 0x55, 0x66, 0x77, 0x88:
data[0] = 0x8877665544332211
Reading 4 16-bit words with values 0x1110, 0x2120, 0x3130, 0x4140:
data[0] = 0x4140313021201110
Reading 2 32-bit words with values 0x13121110, 0x23222120:
data[0] = 0x2322212013121110
Reading 1 64-bit word with value 0x8877665544332211:
data[0] = 0x8877665544332211
Reading 1 128-bit word with value 0x1f1e1d1c1b1a19181716151413121110:
data[0] = 0x1716151413121110, data[1] = 0x1f1e1d1c1b1a1918
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