1.5 Iris specification changelog

Lists all relevant changes to the Iris specification, especially changes to Objects/*.json and Functions/*.json.


This topic does not list user-visible changes to IrisSupportLib. For these changes, see 1.6 IrisSupportLib changelog.

Table 1-1 Iris specification changelog

Date Description

Changed the way register fields are exposed. Added ResourceInfo.parentRscId which, if present, indicates that this is a child resource. It contains the resource id of the parent resource.

Both name and cname in ResourceInfo no longer contain the hierarchical name of the child register but instead just the name of the child register itself (interface change), without any parent register names prepended. A dot in the name or cname members no longer indicates a parent/child relationship.

This change is not fully backwards compatible with old clients, but the consequences of breaking the interface are so minor (only affects the naming of child registers) and the old behavior was so obscure that it can be assumed that no clients relied on it anyway.

2019-04-03 Made ResourceInfo.cname and ResourceGroupInfo.cname non-optional to simplify client behavior and clarify expectations. Existing clients are unaffected. Clients can now rely on cname always being present.
2019-04-04 Clarified that each resource is either a register or a parameter.
2019-04-16 Added ResourceTags.isFramePointer.
2019-04-17 Defined ElfDwarf scheme for register.canonicalRnScheme. Defined canonical register numbers for Arm cores.
2019-04-23 Clarified that parameters are not hierarchical (there are no child parameters). Specified that all parameter resources must be in group Parameters.
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