2.1 AMBA bus properties

The AMBA® protocols define multiple property types that indicate the capabilities of a device.

The following table lists the AXI5 properties of the AXI5 to AHB5 bridge.

Table 2-1 AXI5 properties

AXI5 property Value Comment
Ordered_Write_Observation TRUE Improved support for the Producer/Consumer ordering model.
Multi_Copy_Atomicity TRUE Support for multi-copy atomicity.
Atomic_Transactions FALSE -
Check_Type FALSE -
Poison FALSE -
QoS_Accept FALSE AXI4 QoS is supported, but QoS_Accept signaling is not supported.
Trace_Signals FALSE -
Loopback_Signals TRUE -
Wakeup_Signals TRUE Q-Channel activity is generated from the awakeup input signal.
Untranslated_Transactions FALSE -
NSAccess_Identifiers TRUE Supported by using the hnsaid[3:0] sideband signals on the AHB5 master interface.

The following table lists the AHB5 properties of the AXI5 to AHB5 bridge.

Table 2-2 AHB5 properties

AHB5 property Value Comment
Extended_Memory_Types True hprot value is generated from axcache, axdomain, and axprot.
Secure_Transfers True axprot[1], the Secure bit, is converted to hnonsec.
Endian False AXI uses a byte-invariant bus, both of its types are directly convertible to AHB. AHB word-invariant endianness is not supported.
Stable_Between_Clock False Not supported.
Exclusive_Transfers True All AHB Exclusive Transfers are supported, but AXI Exclusive bursts are not supported.
Multi_Copy_Atomicity True Pass-through, no buffering.
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