3.7 User signals

The AHB5 to AXI5 bridge supports three AHB User signals and four AXI User signals. The signal width of the address User signals, the read User signals, and the write User signals can be configured to different values.

The following table shows how these signals are mapped between the interfaces.

Table 3-4 User signals mapping

AHB5 slave interface AXI5 master interface Comment
Signal Direction Phase Signal Direction
hauser Input Address aruser Output

Read transactions.

awuser Output Write transactions.
hwuser Input Data wuser Output For AHB, only valid when hwdata is valid. For AXI, only valid when wdata is valid.
hruser Output ruser Input Only valid on read transactions.


The AHB5 to AXI5 does not provide a buser signal because the AHB protocol does not have a write response User signal.
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