3.6 Exceptions

iris.debug defines the following exception classes:

exception iris.debug.TargetError

Bases: exceptions.Exception

An error occurred while accessing the target.

exception iris.debug.TargetBusyError

Bases: iris.debug.Exceptions.TargetError

The call could not be completed because the target is busy.

Registers and memories, for example, might not be writable while the target is executing application code.

The debugger can either wait for the target to reach a stable state or enforce a stable state by, for example, stopping a running target. The debugger can then repeat the original call.

exception iris.debug.SecurityError

Bases: iris.debug.Exceptions.TargetError

Method failed because an access was denied.

This could be caused by, for example, writing to a read-only register or reading memory with restricted access.

exception iris.debug.TimeoutError

Bases: iris.debug.Exceptions.TargetError

Timeout expired while waiting for a target to enter a new state.

exception iris.debug.SimulationEndedError

Bases: iris.debug.Exceptions.TargetError

Attempted to call a method on a simulation that has ended.

exception iris.debug.ObtainInterfaceFailed

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Failed to obtain an interface object.

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