3.3.16 disassemble()

disassemble(address, count = 1, mode = None, memory_space = None)

Disassemble intructions.

If count=1 this method returns a 3-tuple of addr, opcode, disass, where:

addris the address of the instruction.
opcodeis a string containing the instruction opcode at that address.
disassis a string containing the disassembled representation of the instruction.

If count > 0, this method behaves like a generator function that yields one 3-tuple for each disassembled instruction.


Address to start disassembling from.

Number of instructions to disassemble. Default is 1. This method might yield fewer than count results if an error occurs during disassembly.


Disassembly mode to use. Must be either None, in which case the target's current mode is used, or one of the values returned by get_disass_modes(). Default is None.


Memory space for address. Must be the name of a valid memory space for this target or None. If None, the current memory space is used. Default is None.


The target does not support disassembly.
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