Appendix B Revisions

This appendix describes the technical changes between released issues of this book.

B.1 Revisions

This appendix describes changes between released issues of this book.

Table B-1 Issue 0000-00

Change Location Affects
First release. - -

Table B-2 Differences between issue 0000-00 and issue 0000-01

Change Location Affects
Added configuration information. All revisions

Added IRQ_SET to the SEC_CFG_LOCK bit description.

Updated the INC_BLK_IDX bit description.

7.3.1 Control register, CTRL All revisions
Updated the formulas that contain BLK_CFG.BLK_SIZE. All revisions
Deleted the INT_EN register and added the IRQ_EN and IRQ_SET registers. 7.6 Configuration lockdown All revisions

Table B-3 Differences between issue 0000-01 and issue 0100-02

Change Location Affects
Changed the arbitration scheme. Read and write transaction scheduling r1p0
Changed the eviction of a TAG table entry, when all EAMs are occupied. Exclusive accesses r1p0
Changed configuration signal name. 6.6 External gating of the AXI interface (upstream) r1p0
Changed when the SMC samples cfg_gate_resp. Table   A-31 SMC external-gating configuration signal r1p0
Added the cfg_ext_gt_err_resp signal. r1p0
Updated the cfg_gate_resp description. Table   A-39 Bridge upstream external gating configuration signals r1p0
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