7.3.3 Block LUT configuration status register, BLK_CFG

The BLK_CFG register returns the block size and whether the block initialization is in progress.

Usage constraintsAccessible only from Secure state.
ConfigurationsAvailable in all configurations.
AttributesSee 7.2 Register summary.

The following figure shows the bit assignments.

Figure 7-3 BLK_CFG bit assignments
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The following table shows the bit assignments.

Table 7-4 BLK_CFG bit assignments

Bits Name Default Description
[31] INIT_ONGOING 0 When set to 1, it indicates that the block initialization is in progress.
[30:4] - - Reserved, RAZ.
[3:0] BLK_SIZE -

This field returns the block size:

0-2 = Reserved.

3 = 256 bytes.

4 = 512 bytes.

5 = 1KB.

15 = 1MB.

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