H.1 Revisions

This appendix describes the technical changes between released issues of this book.

Table H-1 Issue 0100_00

Change Location Affects
First release for version 1.0 - -

Table H-2 Issue 0200_00

Change Location Affects
Added Valhall GPU information. Various. Customers using the latest GPUs.
Added batching kernels submission information. 9.1 General optimizations. All.

Table H-3 Issue 0300_00

Change Location Affects
Added support for OpenCL 2.1. Various. Customers using the latest GPUs.
Added a table showing the number of adjacent threads for the different GPUs. 9.6 Mali™ Bifrost and Valhall GPU specific optimizations. All.
Corrected the specified NDRanges. 3.4 OpenCL data processing. All.

Table H-4 Issue 0301_00

Change Location Affects
Added the cl_arm_job_slot_selection extension. Various. Customers who want to use this extension.
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