4.2 Development stages for OpenCL

There are several stages to develop an OpenCL application. First, you must determine what you want to parallelize. Then, you must write the kernels. Finally, write infrastructure for the kernels and execute them.

You must perform the following stages to develop and OpenCL application:

Determine what you want to parallelize

The first step when deciding to use OpenCL is to look at what your application does, and identify the parts of the application that can run in parallel. This is often the hardest part of developing an OpenCL application.


It is only necessary to convert the parts of an application to OpenCL where there is likely to be a benefit. Profile your application to find the most active parts and consider these parts for conversion.
Write kernels

OpenCL applications consist of a set of kernel functions. You must write the kernels that perform the computations.

If possible, partition your kernels so that the least amount of data is transferred between them. Loading large amounts of data is often the most expensive part of an operation.

Write infrastructure for kernels
OpenCL applications require infrastructure code that sets up the data and prepares the kernels for execution.
Execute the kernels
Enqueue the kernels for execution and read back the results.
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