2.6. Flash Erase Operations

Most flash devices need to be erased prior to having data written to them. Flash devices allow erasing individual blocks and sometimes erasing the entire device. The erase operation causes the flash contents to be set to a manufacturer specified erase value, which typically has all bits set.

If your flash device requires erasing, then you must implement one or both of the flashEraseDevice() or flashEraseBlocks() methods. Given a choice of erasing methods, it is recommended that you first implement the flashEraseBlocks() method, because this allows finer grained erasing by the flash programmer. Implementing the flashEraseDevice() method is useful where erasing the whole flash device is substantially faster than erasing it block by block, and where you expect users of your flash algorithm to frequently want to erase or write to the entire flash device.

A few flash devices combine the erase and write operations together. In this case you can omit the erase methods from your flash algorithm.

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