3.6. Importing Flash Algorithms into the Flash Programmer

After you have created your flash algorithm and are satisfied that it works correctly you can import the algorithm into the Eclipse Flash Programmer plug-in.

To import your algorithm:

  1. Select Target → Flash Device Manager from the Eclipse main menu. The Flash Device Manager dialog opens (see Figure 4).

    Figure 4. The Flash Device Manager dialog

    The Flash Device Manager dialog
  2. Click Add… to open the Import Flash Device wizard.

  3. Select the project containing your flash algorithm from the drop-down list (see Figure 5). Click Next.

    Figure 5. Importing a flash algorithm from a project

    Importing a flash algorithm from a project
  4. Select a build configuration from the drop-down list. It is recommended that you select the Release configuration, because this build has optimization enabled and results in faster flash operations. Whichever build configuration you select, make sure that you have built it recently so that it matches the current state of your source code.

  5. Check the .o object file that contains your flash algorithm and uncheck any other .o files (see Figure 6). The .o file for your flash algorithm normally has the same name as you gave the flash device when creating the flash algorithm project. Click Finish.

    Figure 6. Selecting configuration and object files to import

    Selecting configuration and object files to import
  6. The flash algorithm is imported and appears in the Flash Device Manager dialog. Click Close.

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