10.1.7. Other dynamic image related linker (armlink) options

The linker switches shown in Table 10.5 are related to the creation of dynamic images:

Table 10.5. Additional dynamic image linker options

OptionSupported fromVisibility
--cppinit=symbolRVCT 2.2Controls the C++ initialisation function used by the image
--fpicRVCT 2.2Causes the linker to generate a position independent image, code must have been compiled with --apcs=/fpic
--force_so_throwRVCT 2.2Force the linker to keep C++ exception unwinding tables even if C++ exceptions are not used
--linux_abitag=version_idRVCT 2.2Specify the minimum compatible Linux kernel version
--dynamic_debugRVCT 3.0Causes the linker to output relocations for the debug data. This can aid the debugging of dynamic images in debuggers support this functionality
--arm_linuxRVCT 4.0Set default switches for building ARM Linux applications
--library=nameRVCT 4.0Adds libname.a or libname.so to the linker command line based on the --[no_]search_dynamic_libraries option
--pltgot=typeRVCT 4.0Generate tables corresponding to the different addressing modes of the BPABI

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