9.3. SysV

SystemV Release 4, commonly written as SysV or SysVr4 is the executable format commonly used on UNIX type operating systems. The images are stored and executed directly from the ELF file format.

The ARM Compiler toolchain can be used to build both SysVr4 executables and shared libraries. It also supports the creation of ARM Linux executables and shared libraries. Details on this can be found in separate application notes and product documentation.

A small number of build options are required to build SysV executables. Building SysV shared libraries requires some additional options.

For the compiler, --no_hide_all is normally used. As previously mentioned, in a SysV image the intention is that it is transparent to the programmer whether a symbol is statically or dynamically linked. Compiling with the --no_hide_all option gives all symbols STV_DEFAULT visibility, which allows them to be dynamically or statically linked.

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