7.2.1. BPABI and post-linking

It is important to mention that the ELF files produced by the BPABI are not designed to be loaded directly by a dynamic linker. However, it may be possible to do so in some cases, for example, by using --pltgot=direct or --pltgot=none.

The BPABI model is designed to produce ELF files compatible with the Base Platform ABI for the ARM architecture (BPABI). One of the assumptions underpinning the BPABI is that many platforms consider ELF too large and bulky a format to have on an embedded device. The ELF file produced by the BPABI is therefore designed to be post-processed by a post-linker to produce the file format for the platform OS.

An example of this is the Symbian elf2e32 converter. This takes the maximally symbolic ELF file, strips out the symbol information and replaces it with address tables indexed by ordinals and finally outputs a custom, compressed, signed e32 file.

This is the reason why --pltgot=indirect does not create the GOT. The intention is that a post-linker creates the GOT in a non-ELF format.

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