3.2.2. VFPv3 and NEON

VFPv2 is an extension to the ARM instruction set in ARMv5, while VFPv3 is an extension to the ARM, Thumb, and ThumbEE instruction sets in ARMv7. VFPv3 is backward-compatible with VFPv2, unless:

VFPv3 instructions can be executed conditionally with the IT instruction in Thumb state. In VFPv3, new instructions are added to perform the following operations:

ARMv7 introduces support for NEON instructions, which are suitable for handling coding or code generation by the ARM vectoring compiler. All mnemonics for NEON instructions begin with the letter “V”. NEON instructions can operate on different data types.

NEON instructions can be classified into the following categories according to their functions:

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