4.2.1. Vector Tables

ARMv5 systems have a single vector table. It is a table of instructions that the ARM core jumps to when an exception is raised.

In ARMv5, there is only one vector table. In ARMv7-A, however, there can be up to four vector tables, as shown in Figure 4.1.

Figure 4.1. Vector tables in ARMv7

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In ARMv5, a vector table can only be at 0xFFFF0000 or 0x00000000. In ARMv7-A, the vector table in Secure state, not the one owned by Mon mode, has the default vector base address at reset: 0xFFFF0000 or 0x00000000. However, this base address can be relocated to other addresses by software. The other three vector tables do not have a defined location at reset time, so the boot code must initialize them. You can use software to configure their vector base addresses.

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