1.6. Timer Register Descriptions


Read-write register. (Timer1Load, Timer2Load). The Load register contains the initial value of the timer and is also used as the reload value in periodic timer mode. When writing to this register the top 16 bits should be written as 0; when reading, the top 16 bits are undefined.


Read-only register. (Timer1Value, Timer2Value). The Value location gives the current value of the timer. When reading this location, the top 16 bits are read as undefined.


Write-only register. (Timer1Clear, Timer2Clear). Writing to the Clear location clears an interrupt generated by the counter timer.


Read-write register. (Timer1Control, Timer2Control). The Control register provides enable/disable, mode and prescale configurations for the timer.

Figure 1.5 defines the operation of the Control register.

Figure 1.5. The Control register

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