9.2. The Watchpoint Registers

The two watchpoint units, known as Watchpoint 0 and Watchpoint 1, each contain three pairs of registers:

  1. Address Value and Address Mask

  2. Data Value and Data Mask

  3. Control Value and Control Mask

Each register is independently programmable and has its own address, as shown in Table 9.1.

Table 9.1. Function and mapping of EmbeddedICE registers

000003Debug Control
000015Debug Status
001006Debug Comms Control Register
0010132Debug Comms Data Register
0100032Watchpoint 0 Address Value
0100132Watchpoint 0 Address Mask
0101032Watchpoint 0 Data Value
0101132Watchpoint 0 Data Mask
011009Watchpoint 0 Control Value
011018Watchpoint 0 Control Mask
1000032Watchpoint 1Address Value
1000132Watchpoint 1 Address Mask
1001032Watchpoint 1 Data Value
1001132Watchpoint 1 Data Mask
101009Watchpoint 1 Control Value
101018Watchpoint 1 Control Mask
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