3.6.4. FIQ

The Fast Interrupt Request (FIQ) exception is designed to support a data transfer or channel process, and in ARM state has sufficient private registers to remove the need for register saving (thus minimising the overhead of context switching).

FIQ is externally generated by taking the nFIQ input LOW. nFIQ and nIRQ are considered asynchronous, and a cycle delay for synchronization is incurred before the interrupt can affect the processor flow.

Irrespective of whether the exception was entered from ARM or THUMB state, a FIQ handler should leave the interrupt by executing:

SUBS PC, R14_fiq, #4

FIQ may be disabled by setting the CPSR’s F flag. Note that this is not possible from User mode. If the F flag is clear, ARM720T checks for a LOW level on the output of the FIQ synchronizer at the end of each instruction.

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