A.2.3. KBDTEST3 [8] (+0x28)

This test register is read-only and provides visibility of the pad control signal and other internal signals. Table A.4: KBDTEST3 register details shows the bit details of the register.

Table A.4. KBDTEST3 register details

7ms_16Reflects the value from the end of timeout chain.
6μs_64Reflects the value from the middle of timeout chain.
5μs_16Reflects the value from the first stage of timeout chain.
4DIV8Reflects the value at the output of the divide by 8 counter for the Div8 clock.
3DInReflects the value of the internal KbDataIn signal.
2CInReflects the value of the internal KbClkIn signal before sampling by the Div8 (1MHz) clock.
1KDReflects the value of the nKbDataEn output signal.
0KCReflects the value of the nKbClkEn output signal.
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