A.2.4. KBDTEST4 [8] (+0x2C)

This test register is read-only, and provides visibility of the internal state machine and the bit counter decode signals. Table A.5: KBDTEST4 register details shows the bit details of the register.

Table A.5. KBDTEST4 register details

7BC12Bit Counter = 12 - Input to state machine.
6BC11Bit Counter = 11 - Input to state machine.
5TRESReset Timer - State bit 5.
4CLKOEClock Output Enable - State bit 4.
3CRESReset bit Counter - State bit 3.
2RXBReceive Busy - State bit 2.
1TXBTransmit Busy - State bit 1.
0SRXSet Receive interrupt - State bit 0.
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