A.3. Signals to pads

Table A.3 describes the signals from the PrimeCell SCI to input/output pads of the chip. It is the responsibility of the user to make proper use of the peripheral pins to meet the exact interface requirements.

Table A.3. Signals to pads




SCICLKINInputPADPrimeCell SCI clock input.
SCIDATAINInputPADPrimeCell SCI serial data input.
nSCICLKOUTENOutputPADTristate output buffer control (active LOW).
SCICLKOUTOutputPADClock output.
nSCIDATAOUTENOutputPADData output enable (typically drives an open-drain configuration, active LOW).
nSCICLKENOutputPADTristate control for external off-chip buffer (active LOW).
nSCIDATAENOutputPADTristate control for external off-chip buffer (active LOW).
SCIVCCENOutputPADSupply voltage controls (active HIGH).
nSCICARDRSTOutputPADReset to card (active LOW).
SCIDETECTInputPADCard detects signal from card interface device (active HIGH).
SCIDEACREQInputPMUCard deactivation request signal from PMU (active HIGH).
SCIDEACACKOutputPMUCard deactivation acknowledgement to PMU (active HIGH).

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