4.3.2. SCITMR [6] (+0x84)

SCITMR is the test mode register and controls the specific test modes for the SCI. These test modes improve controllability so that a high fault coverage can be achieved.

If NIB bits of the counters are set to 1, the counters count up as 0000 - 1111 - 2222... dddd - eeee - ffff. This feature reduces the number of test vectors required to test the counter.

All the bits are read as 0 after reset. shows bit assignments for SCITMR.

Table 4.3. SCITMR register read/write

5CLKICCNIBCNTRead/writePlace SCICLKICCCNT in nibble mode.
4ACTNIBCNTRead/writePlace SCIACTTIME in nibble mode.
3RTSTBPRENIBCNTRead/writePlace SCIRTSTBPRECNT in nibble mode.
2VALUENIBCNTRead/writePlace SCIVALUECNT in nibble mode.
1BAUDNIBCNTRead/writePlace SCIBAUDCNT in nibble mode.
0DATANIBCNTRead/writePlace SCIDATATIME in nibble mode.
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