3.1. About integrating the ETM7

The ETM7 is designed to be connected directly to the ARM core that it is tracing, and not to the main AMBA system bus. This is because it must closely track the instructions that the ARM core is executing, and this information is only available on the ARM processor pins.

Cached and other ARM products, such as ARM720T (Rev 3) provide a trace interface to bring out the required trace signals from the ARM core to the periphery of the macrocell. This allows an ETM7 to be connected directly to it without further modifications being required.

The trace interface is described in ETM7 to ARM7 connection guide.

In general, little or no glue logic is required to connect the ETM7 to an ARM processor. A small amount of glue logic will be required if clock-gating is implemented (see Using the PWRDOWN output), or to OR debug requests (see Debug request output wiring).

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