5.7.14. EXTOUT

If these ETM outputs are used in the ASIC, you must test both the ETM output, and the logic that it drives. The external outputs are controlled by events, and you can use the following BST commands in the BST section of the test to set the external outputs LOW:

BST "ETMINST WRITE 0x68 0x0000406F"BST "ETMINST WRITE 0x69 0x0000406F"BST "ETMINST WRITE 0x6A 0x0000406F"BST "ETMINST WRITE 0x6B 0x0000406F"

To set an external output HIGH, write 0x0000006F to the event register. For example:

; Set external output 2 highBST "ETMINST WRITE 0x6A 0x0000006F"

The external output event registers, like most other ETM registers, are not reset. The external outputs are held LOW when the ETM programming bit is HIGH. This occurs automatically at reset. It is important therefore, to program the external output event registers before clearing the programming bit.

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