5.7.15. EXTIN

This provides a number of inputs to the ETM from the ASIC or even off-chip inputs. You must test all the external inputs that you use, to verify the logic and wiring that drives the inputs.The simplest way to test the external inputs is to program the ETM to trigger when the external inputs are asserted. For example, to cause a trigger when external input 1 goes HIGH:

BST "ETMINST WRITE 0x02 0x00000060"

It is also possible to route the external inputs straight through to the external outputs, for example:

BST "ETMINST WRITE 0x68 0x00000060"BST "ETMINST WRITE 0x69 0x00000061"BST "ETMINST WRITE 0x6A 0x00000062"BST "ETMINST WRITE 0x6B 0x00000063"

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