5.8.2. EIS converter

A script called Convert.pl is providedto take an Executed Instruction Stream (EIS) output file from an ARM model (ARM7TDMI, ARM9TDMI, or ARM9E-S) and convert it into a format similar to that of the decompressed trace. It uses two Perl modules (EISBase.pm, plus one of either ARM7MG.pm, ARM9MG.pm, or ARM9vhd.pm). The command for invoking the EIS converter script is:

Convert.pl [options]

The options can appear in any order. The options are:

-eis <FileName>

The name of the EIS file (normally log.eis).

-unc <FileName>

The name of the file produced (normally log.eis_unc).

-eistype <EisFormat>

The EIS format must be ARM7TDMI, ARM9TDMI, or ARM9x. ARM9x is the default and must be used for all ARM9 cores other than ARM9TDMI and ARM920T.

Example 5.3 shows a typical EIS converter command line.

Example 5.3. Typical EIS converter script usage

Convert.pl -eis log.eis -unc log.eis_unc -eistype ARM9x
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