PrimeCell ™ Color LCDController (PL110) Technical Reference Manual


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1. Introduction
1.1. About the ARM PrimeCell Color LCD Controller(PL110)
1.1.1. Features of the PrimeCell Color LCD Controller
1.1.2. Programmable parameters
1.1.3. Target markets
1.1.4. LCD panel resolution
1.1.5. Types of LCD panel supported
1.1.6. Number of colors supported
1.1.7. LCD powering up and powering down sequencesupport
1.2. Product history
2. Functional Overview
2.1. ARM PrimeCell Color LCD Controller(PL110) overview
2.2. AMBA AHB interface
2.2.1. AMBA AHB slave interface
2.2.2. AMBA AHB master interface
2.2.3. Dual DMA FIFOs and associated control logic
2.2.4. Pixel serializer
2.2.5. RAM palette
2.2.6. Gray scaler
2.2.7. Upper and lower panel formatters
2.2.8. Panel clock generator
2.2.9. Timing controller
2.2.10. Interrupt generation
2.2.11. Bus architecture
3. Programmer’s Model
3.1. Summary of registers
3.2. Register descriptions
3.2.1. Horizontal Axis Panel Control Register,LCDTiming0
3.2.2. Vertical Axis Panel Control Register,LCDTiming1
3.2.3. Clock and Signal Polarity Control Register,LCDTiming2
3.2.4. Line End Control Register, LCDTiming3
3.2.5. Upper and Lower Panel Frame Base AddressRegisters, LCDUPBASE and LCDLPBASE
3.2.6. Interrupt Mask Set/Clear Register,LCDIMSC
3.2.7. Control Register, LCDControl
3.2.8. Raw Interrupt Status Register, LCDRIS
3.2.9. Masked Interrupt Status Register, LCDMIS
3.2.10. Interrupt Clear Register, LCDICR
3.2.11. Upper and Lower Panel Current AddressValue Registers LCDUPCURR and LCDLPCURR
3.2.12. Color Palette Register, LCDPalette
3.2.13. Peripheral Identification Registers,CLCDPERIPHID0-3
3.2.14. PrimeCell Identification Registers,CLCDPCELLIDID0-3
3.3. Interrupts
4. Programmer’s Model for Test
4.1. Scan testing
4.2. Summary of test registers
4.3. Test register descriptions
4.3.1. Test Control Register, CLCDTCR
4.3.2. Integration Test Output Register 1,CLCDITOP1
4.3.3. Integration Test Output Register 2,CLCDITOP2
A. Signal Descriptions
A.1. AMBA AHB Slave interface signals
A.2. AMBA AHB Master interface signals
A.3. External pad interface signals
A.4. On-chip signals
A.5. Scan test signals
A.6. LCD panel signal multiplexing details

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