7.7. Overview of EmbeddedICE-RT

The ARM9E‑S EmbeddedICE-RT logic provides integrated on-chip debug support for the ARM9E‑S core within the ARM966E-S.

EmbeddedICE-RT is programmed serially using the ARM9E‑S TAP controller. Figure 7.7 illustrates the relationship between the core, EmbeddedICE-RT, and the TAP controller, showing only the signals that are pertinent to EmbeddedICE-RT.

Figure 7.7. The ARM9E‑S, TAP controller and EmbeddedICE-RT

The EmbeddedICE-RT logic comprises:

The debug control register and the debug status register provide overall control of EmbeddedICE-RT operation.

One or both watchpoint units can be programmed to halt the execution of instructions by the core. Execution halts when the values programmed into EmbeddedICE-RT match the values currently appearing on the address bus, data bus, and various control signals.


Any bit can be masked so that its value does not affect the comparison.

Each watchpoint unit can be configured to be either a watchpoint (monitoring data accesses) or a breakpoint (monitoring instruction fetches). Watchpoints and breakpoints can be data-dependent.

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