B.1.9. Simple interrupt service routine

Example B.9 shows how you can use the interrupt controller without using vectored interrupts, or the interrupt priority hardware. For example, you can use it for debugging.

Example B.9. Simple interrupt service routine

       ;  This interrupt service routine assumes that there are no vectored interrupts. It also
       ;  assumes that interrupts are disabled until the interrupt service routine has been exited.

       ;  IRQ interrupts are masked until a return from interrupt is performed
       ;  The FIQ interrupt is enabled

0x18   B      IRQ_ISR                                            ;  Branch to interrupt service routine

       STMFD  sp!, {r0, r1}                                      ;  Store r0 and r1
       LDR    r0, [IntCntlBase]
       LDR    r1, [r0, #IRQStatusOffset]                         ;  Discover source of interrupt

       Scan r1 for source of interrupt & branch to relevant routine ISR
       Interrupt service routine
       Clear interrupt request

       LDMFD  sp!, {r0, r1}                                      ;  Restore r0 and r1
       SUBS   pc, r14, #4                                        ;  Exit from IRQ
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