3.1.2. Translated entries

Each TLB caches 64 translated entries. During CPU memory accesses, the TLB provides the protection information to the access control logic.

If the TLB contains a translated entry for the MVA, the access control logic determines if access is permitted:

If a TLB misses (it does not contain an entry for the VA) the translation table walk hardware is invoked to retrieve the translation information from a translation table in physical memory. When retrieved, the translation information is written into the TLB, possibly overwriting an existing value.

The entry to be written is chosen by cycling sequentially through the TLB locations. To enable use of TLB locking features, you can specify the location to write using CP15 register 10, TLB lockdown.

When the MMU is turned off, as happens on reset, no address mapping occurs and all regions are marked as noncachable and nonbufferable. See About the caches and write buffer.

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