8.2.3. EmbeddedICE-RT reset

EmbeddedICE-RT reset initializes the state of the TAP controller and the EmbeddedICE-RT unit. EmbeddedICE-RT reset is typically used by the Multi-ICE module for connecting a debugger without powering down the system.

EmbeddedICE-RT reset enables initialization of the EmbeddedICE-RT unit without affecting the normal operation of the ARM7EJ-S processor.

For EmbeddedICE-RT reset, both the leading and trailing edges of DBGnTRST must be set up and held around the rising edge of CLK. This ensures that there are no metastability issues between the ARM7EJ-S processor and the EmbeddedICE-RT unit.

Refer to Clocks and synchronization for more details of synchronization between the Multi-ICE and ARM7EJ-S processor.

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