3.4. Peripheral identification registers, RTCPeriphID0-3

The RTCPeriphID0-3 registers are four, 8-bit registers that span address locations 0xFE0 to 0xFEC. The registers can conceptually be treated as a 32-bit register. Figure 3.1 shows the bit assignments for the RTCPeriphID0-3 registers.

Figure 3.1. Peripheral identification register bit assignment

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The read-only registers provide the following options of the peripheral, as shown in Table 3.10.

Table 3.10. Read-only registers

11:0Part numberIdentifies the peripheral, using the 3-digit product code 0x031.
19:12Designer IDIdentifies the designer of the peripheral. ARM Limited is 0x41 (ASCII A).
23:20RevisionIdentifies the revision number of the peripheral. The revision number starts from 0.
31:24ConfigurationIdentifies the configuration option of the peripheral.

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