2.3.3. Remap and pause controller

The remap and pause controller has three functions:

Reset status

This enables software to determine whether the last reset was a Power-On Reset (POR) or a soft reset. The latter function is redundant in the EASY microcontroller, since it does not have a soft reset. It is implemented only as an example for systems that might provide a soft reset state.

Remap memory

On reset the internal RAM is mapped out and bank 4 of the external memory is mapped into location 0x0000 0000 which is the boot location for the ARM processor. The reset memory map is cancelled by writing to a register in this peripheral.

Pause mode

The EASY microcontroller only supports one simple power-saving mode, called Pause. This halts all bus activity (but not the system clock) and waits for an interrupt signal from the interrupt controller before restarting the system.

The remap and pause controller also contains an ID register which is currently only a single bit. This block can be extended in many ways including support for software-generated resets, more sophisticated power-saving modes and more detailed ID information.

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