6.2.3. Function and operation of module

Operations described are:

Memory initialization from local data file

On simulation initialization, the external ROM module loads in data from the file specified in the instantiating top-level memory module. This must be stored as a two-hex character per line data file, which cannot contain more data than the model supports. An example file rom.dat is shown in Example 6.2.

Example 6.2. 


The default configuration for the external ROM modules is in groups of four, which are used to allow memory accesses of full 32-bit words, with a byte stored in each memory module.

Memory read from external bus

The external ROM is accessed by transfers through the static memory interface module, allowing reads from memory. These are performed as 32-bit word transfers, with each byte connected to one of the four memory models.

See Static memory interface in AHB Modules, for timing diagrams showing read and write transfers from external memory.

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