3.2.1. ETM ID Register

Table 3.1 shows the value of the fields when reading the ETM ID Register in the ETM11RV. The ETM ID Register has the value of 0x41013211.

Table 3.1. ETM ID Register fields

Bit numbersValueMeaning
[31:24]0x41Implementor = A (ARM Limited).
[17]b0CPRTs count as data instructions.
[16]b1Load pc first. Special handling is not required to reconstruct the data addresses of an LDM with the pc in the register list because ETMv3.1 requires noncontiguous data addresses to be traced. However, special handling is required to determine which transfers correspond to which register.
[15:12]b0011ARM core family = ARM11.
[11:8]b0010Major ETM architecture version number = 3.
[7:4]b0001Minor ETM architecture version number = 1.
[3:0]b0001Implementation revision.
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