3.2.2. ETM11RV Configuration Code Register

Table 3.2 shows the value of the fields when reading the ETM11RV Configuration Code Register. The configuration code register has the value 0x85294024.

Table 3.2. ETM11RV Configuration Code Register

Bit numbersValueMeaning
[31]1ETM11RV ID Register present
[30:28]b000Not used
[27]1Software access is supported
[26]1Trace start/stop block is present
[25:24]1Number of Context ID comparators
[23]1FIFOFULL logic present
[22:20]2Number of external outputs
[19:17]4Number of external inputs
[16]1The sequencer is present
[15:13]2Number of counters
[12:8]0Number of memory map decoders
[7:4]2Number of data comparators
[3:0]4Number of pairs of address comparators
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