3.9. Data instructions in Java state

Table 3.5 gives the amount of trace expected for each data bytecode, which is Implementation Defined but common to ETM10RV and ETM11RV.

Table 3.5. Bytecodes and amounts of trace

BytecodesAmount of trace
baload, bastoreByte
caload, castore,saload, sastore,Halfword
iload, aload, fload, iaload, aaload, faload, istore, astore, fstore, iastore, aastore, fastore, net, getfield_a, putfield_a, ldc_a, ldc_w_a, getstatic_a (SP=1), putstatic_a (SP=1),Word
dload, lload, daload, laload, dstore, lstore, dastore, lastoregetfield2_a, putfield2_a, ldc2_w_a, getstatic_a (SP=0), putstatic_a (SP=0)Two words
all other bytecodesno data

Table 3.5 assumes the bytecode is implemented in hardware. The Jazelle specification allows any bytecode to be implemented in software, and normal ARM state data trace is output instead in this case. This applies to aastore in current implementations.

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