3.8.3. Relationship between the AMBA Designer and Bus Matrix

AMBA Designer is a configuration tool that generates a specific implementation of a Bus Matrix. AMBA Designer drives the Bus Matrix generation engine to provide the RTL for a set of configuration parameters.

The generated files come from two sources:

The two products are designed to work together in the following manner:

Configuration file

The AMBA Designer tool is responsible for setting the user entered design parameters. AMBA Designer then automatically launches the BusMatrix build engine, which is responsible for generating the Verilog files of the configuration.


There is no Verilog testbench available for the Bus Matrix.

There are no test vectors available for the Bus Matrix.

Bus Matrix and AMBA Designer documentation

The Bus Matrix and AMBA Designer documentation suites are designed to be used together to describe the principles of the Bus Matrix and the actual configuration options. There is no duplication between the two sets of documentation.


The AMBA Design Kit Bus Matrix documentation, that is, this section and the AMBA Design Kit User Guide describe:

  • the functionality of the component

  • example use of the BuildBusMatrix.pl script in the AMBA Design Kit User Guide

  • the effect of the configuration options set in AMBA Designer.

AMBA Designer

The AMBA Designer (FD001) User Guide describes:

  • how to install AMBA Designer

  • how to produce an example interconnect

  • how to generate the RTL

  • the address map, configuration options, ranges, and default values.

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